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July 19, 2009
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Steampunk Syringe by masquerangel Steampunk Syringe by masquerangel
This... was genuinely a gift from God.

I've thought a lot about creating a syringe for Victoria, being a medic and all, and I've attempted it a couple times, but... it was only this morning when I realized I should probably make it so that it looked like this. Of course, that WOULD have required me to go out and buy the necessary metal parts required to pull it off, but...

I ended up getting the majority of this project from an estate sale today. Carlos, my mom's fiance, bought a lot of scraps and tools, and when I asked the woman selling how much she wanted for the plumbing parts, etc., she told me to go ahead and include them!

I'm always astounded by the small gifts God throws out our way, you know?

Here's what I used:
-1 brass screw
-1 brass wing nut
-1 brass plumbing-faucet-thing...
-1 brass music box leg
-1 plastic pen cap
-1 nail, and
-go figure, an excessive amount of Superglue.

I'm really satisfied with this one. (Hey, Binc! I'm using it in my costume!) D:

And no, unfortunately, it doesn't work, or even push down like syringes normally do. Ah, well. At least it's pretty freakin' legit, if I might say so myself. ;3
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Yattastat Nov 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Absolutely amazing! Though, I am curious, what do you mean music box leg? :meow:
vorlagenleiter Oct 3, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"well zydrate comes in a little glass vial"
"a little glass vial?"
"a little glass vial"
"and the little glass vial goes into the like a battery" *battery*
"and the zydrate gun goes somewhere against your anatomy"
" and when the gun goes off, it sparks and your ready for a surgery" *surgery*
vorlagenleiter Oct 3, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*the gun like a battery"
Hello. I was wondering if I could commission you for a couple of these.
BananaGrowl Sep 18, 2010
This is amazing! You don't even notice the individual parts until you really focus on it.
Anyway. Very gorgeous work.
lilbrewdog Sep 3, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
cool! a bit scary looking...but cool :)
...As one who's SP persona is a field medic myself, I must say, this is extraordinary! This is quite a pleasant design.
ToriBiohazard Dec 30, 2009  Student Artist
This is pretty freakin epic if I do say so myself.
masquerangel Feb 16, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much! I appreciate it! <3
Sincerely welcome as such notice and acknowledgment of your talents warrant.

Should it be of interest I have a few sketches posted here on Flickr that could be interpreted into steampunk devices. Feel so invited to review such at your leisure.
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